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Chiang Mai's very successful 4-star Boutique Hotel.
Our Vision

To be ‘THE’ leading ‘4-Star Boutique Hotel’ at Nimman District, Chiang Mai with ongoing focus on:

  • The charms of Thailand! Our employees are charming and graceful.
  • Details within our daily work, service and life.
  • Innovation and creativity.
  • People development, providing training and education for all our employees.
  • Happiness and satisfaction for all our guests, our employees and also our owners
Our Mission
  • We will achieve the image, standards and reputation of a professionally-managed, leading 4-star boutique hotel in Chiang Mai within one year.
  • We will be transparent and innovative in all areas of work.
  • We will undertake an aggressive approach towards sales and marketing, e-marketing, CRM, branding and public relations.
  • We guarantee the staff handling process is fair! We operate with reason and effective communication.
  • We are ready to learn. We train and we develop ourselves, as well as staff. We also accept and know that learning and development is everyone’s responsibility.
  • We focus on a good balance of expense control and revenue opportunities.
Cmor Hotel Employees
CMor employees

The following is a 'must' to consider your application

Cover Letter.
Fully updated CV/Resume with exact dates (month/year) of 'all' former jobs.
A recent picture.
Your Salary & package expectation.
Possible date of availability

!-Applications not following this basics will not be considered-!

Smiling Team

Thailand... the land of smiles

It is important for us that our employees smile and have reasons to smile.
We dislike nepotism and favoritism and our people should (must) be rewarded based on performance only.

Our Service Values

Please read and believe in this before you send us your application.

All our employees values:

  • Friendliness: Reflects Thai values and culture – “Land of Smiles”
  • Flexible: Listen to guests, anything is possible.
  • Personalized: Anticipate guests’ needs, pay attention to details of each individual guest, provide individualized service.
  • Service from the Heart: Demonstrate an understanding of service-minded attitude, listen to guests, be ready to serve at all times, be willing to 'go the extra mile'
  • Hygiene & Safety: Cleanliness and Safety are inseparable from our hotel service.
  • Unique and Innovative: We must differentiate ourselves and our service – The Cmor Way!
Cmor Hotel Chefs
Unique Products


All our employees are equally important! But we want our people to help us think to create unique products and presentations to satisfy all our guests.

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Cute and delicious products

Create 'Wow factors'

Yes, we want our products and services to be cute, warm, and surprising for our guests. Chiang Mai is known for cute products, services and people.

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Please send your application together with the cover-letter to:

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