Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
Richmond Garden

Postnatal Care Center

A 'Recall Hotels' health property

Penang Decoration

Soft Opening July 2021

Richmond Garden is the first post-natal confinement center set up in Penang, Malaysia.
Our center managed by an international hotel management group with support by expert consultants allows moms to confine themselves scientifically and healthily.

Naturally, our center is equipped with a cute baby room, a isolation room, a mother room, 24-hour close monitoring, and a professional nutritionist carrying for proper meals for the baby mom.
A professional licensed postpartum nurse and a professional babysitter for your Baby is on standby 24 hours.

New, modern and cozy

by Recall Hotels and Resorts

Richmond garden penang
Simply the best

Care and Service.

The first post-natal confinement center at Penang, allowing moms to confine themselves healthily with perfect comfort and care. Our center is equipped with a baby room, isolation room, mother room and 24-hour monitoring service.
Our professional nutritionist tailors perfect meals for the baby mom and a professional postpartum nurse and babysitter are there for you and your Baby 24 hours a day. .

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Care for your baby

Best possible and professional care is given to your baby at all times through experts in most modern faculties

Recall Health Hotel Room Penang
  • 36 Rooms.
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