Western and Thai Restaurant

Nimmanhemin, Chiang Mai

.. a beautiful restaurant!.

Our 'EatMor' Restaurant is the place to be for amazingly good and fair priced food and not only popular with our guests, but also with the guests of neighboring hotels and condominiums."


  • Telephone: +66 (0) 53 400111
  • Reservations are highly recommended to avoid disappointments
Nimman District Restaurant
Chiang Mai Thai Restaurant

Northern Thai Sausage Salad

Very often the most simple cooked dishes are the best choice. As with all food around the world, best is always using grannies receipts.

Cmor Burger

Cmor Burger

Cmor Burger is one of our best selling western dishes on the menu...
A almost crazy burger with delicious fillings.

Refreshing Drinks

'Simple and Right' is out motto in the beverage department. Traditional cocktails, herbal drinks, health drinks, refreshing drinks... come and check out our beverage menu and wine list.

Most popular

  • -- Thai Beers
  • -- Beer Lao
  • -- Smoothies
  • -- Cocktails
  • -- Mocktails
  • -- Shakes


  • -- Coming Soon
  • -- Coming Soon
  • -- Coming Soon
  • -- Coming Soon
  • -- Coming Soon
Mango Cocktail
Nimmanhemin Cocktails

Refreshing and Mouth-watering

We believe in the 'real thing' and don't create fancy drinks and cocktails which nobody knows and few want. Check out our small but exciting drink list, wine list and cocktail list.

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Chiang Mai Perfect Cocktail

Chill out at EatMor Restaurant

EatMor Restaurant offers is visited by many people just to chill out, relax, have a coffee or cocktail.

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Download PDF EatMor Restaurant Menu (coming soon)
Download PDF Cocktail and Drink (coming soon)
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